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Welcome to our website!

We are a team of professional sports predictions analysts. Some of us have worked for major bookmakers, gaining valuable experience in sports betting. It took us many years of hard working, to develop winning strategies, which made us one of the few who earn real money from sports betting in a long term.

Latest Posts

21.01.2021 Liverpool – Burnley – Review

Reigning champions Liverpool are hosting Burnley at the Anfield in a game from the 18th round of the Premier League. This is a must win for Jurgen Klopp’s team and we are going to explain you why in our football best betting tips for today. Liverpool are in a difficult situation now, although nothing is

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21.01.2021 Ibiza – Ath.Bilbao – Review

Ibiza hosts Athletic Bilbao at the Estadio Municipal de Can Misses in a game from the 1/16-finals of the Copa del Rey. In these soccer predictions for this week we will try to preview this game for you. We are not going to lose any time now, let’s start. Ibiza reached this phase of the

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21.01.2021 Eibar – Atl.Madrid – Review

Eibar hosts La Liga leaders Atletico Madrid at the Estadio Municipal de Ipurua in a match from the 19th round of the competition. Be prepared to see our free soccer tips professional betting for this fixture. Let’s get to work! Eibar approach this game against Los Colchoneros from 15th place in the standings. The club

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12.12.2020 Lazio – Verona – Review

Welcome to our free soccer tips website! Today we are going to take a good look at the fixture between Lazio and Hellas Verona in the Italian Serie A. This is a game from the 11th round of the Calcio. Lazio approach the 11th round of the Serie A from 7th place in the standings.

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12.12.2020 Wolves – Aston Villa – Review

Wolverhampton Wanderers faces Aston Villa at the Molineux in a match from the 12th round of the Premier League. Just as usual we are going to preview it in today’s football best betting tips. Wolves are in the Top 10 although they probably expected more from the first part of the season. At this moment

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12.12.2020 Torino – Udinese – Review

Torino hosts Udinese at the Olimpico Grande Torino in a match from the 11th round of the Serie A. Stay with us because we will give you some nice football best betting tips for this fixture. Let’s go! Torino are having some serious difficulties for a second consecutive season. At this moment the Bulls are

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07.11.2020 PSG – Rennes- Review

The Ligue 1 champion PSG is ready to claim another win in the French elite division. On Saturday Thomas Tuchel’s boys will host Rennes at the Parc des Princes in Paris. We are ready to present you our preview in these football betting tips this weekend. These two teams are representing France in the Champions

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07.11.2020 Leipzig – Freiburg – Review

We head to the Red Bull Arena in Leipzig where RB Leipzig will face Freiburg in a game from the 7th round of the Bundesliga. We will try to give you a best possible prediction about in our free soccer betting tips for today. Let’s get to work! RB Leipzig will be euphoric when they

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07.11.2020 B.Dortmund – B.Munich – Review

It’s always a celebration for fans of German football when Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich meet in the Bundesliga. This will happen again on Saturday, so let’s see what we can tell you about this match in our football betting tips this weekend. This amazing derby comes in a moment when these two team are

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07.11.2020 Everton – Manchester United – Review

We have all reasons to expect a pretty good game between Everton and Manchester United at the Goodison Park on Saturday. Let’s preview this fixture for you in our football best betting tips. Everton are having a really fun season from the beginning of the 2020/21 campaign. For some time Carlo Ancelotti’s team was leading

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The Champions League

Football tips regarding the Champions League are important if you want to make money out of it. The Champions League is the biggest club competition in the world. There are three rounds of qualifying matches in which pages from countries such as Malta, Poland, Wales, Kazakhstan and even Scotland are close neighbours all have to

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Sweetheart Teasers

Sports betting involves special teasers called sweetheart teasers. These are the ones referred to at sports betting sites as “Monster Teaser” and “Treasure Teaser”. The name isn’t standard, but it’s the same concept. If you are not familiar, a typical example is 10 points three NFL team teaser, usually offered at -110 to -130 prices.

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Top 5 betting tips for football

Has your football betting hobby recently been very intense? Do you want to test your betting skills in the real field? But, due to lack of proper knowledge of techniques and proper guidance, are you afraid of putting your steps into this thrilling game? Then probably your search for a proper website which would provide

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Monte Carlo Analysis

Sports betting employs a technique called Monte Carlo analysis. It is a statistical technique for solving difficult problems. Imagine that we want to calculate the area of an irregularly shaped object. We can put a rectangle about this area and easy to calculate the area of the rectangle. We then “throw darts” in a rectangle.

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How to Get Bets Right

Soccer tips, if handled correctly can earn you lots of money. And it has recently become nothing short of a phenomenon, with every football enthusiasts chiming in and making their share of investment, trying out their luck while enjoying the game. There have come up a lot of websites which are ready to ply you

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Tennis tips regarding spreads are a winner. The idea of the spread is at the heart not only tennis pairs, but sports in general. Often, the clash between two players or teams is so unbalanced that nobody would be interested to bet on him. This is where the spread just makes things more interesting. The

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How to make a perfect football betting system?

It is rightly said that you can never reach to the peak of the success if you depend solely on your luck. Likewise, the same rule is followed in the industry of football betting. Depending on just your luck, you would probably be successful in cracking some of the matches, just by chance factor. But,

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Soccer Tips – A New Era of the Game!

Soccer Tips, the term is usually interpreted as the tips to play the game of soccer. But nowadays the definition has changed and something exciting is in store for all the soccer enthusiasts. Soccer tips now means betting tips and predictions about the possible outcome of the game. The most lucrative part of the entire

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Tennis tips like the Moneyline help you win bets, and is essentially represented by how much you want to win on any bet if it returns success. You can see it written as follows: Match Winner: Roger Federer, 500 against Fernando Verdasco, 300. This Moneyline represents a match between Federer and Verdasco and is a

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One, Two, and Three – The Game Starts Now!

Soccer predictions are nothing but the best way to put in your money so that it does not go to waste. So does that mean you will never lose? Of course not! There are a few basic rules that you must follow in order to avoid losses if not winning some game. There are three

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Home Field Advantage

Football predictions help you make money. First of all football fans are not only begin fans, they are fanatics. Football is life. And it’s the only game in town. No other sport is even close in popularity. Since home fans are so crazy about their teams, home teams have a much greater advantage. Crowds are

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The Maths Of Predicting

Football predicting require you to let your mind back to your school days, and you may remember learning about the Poisson distribution in mathematics education. If your memory is really good, you might even forget that the Poisson distribution is a good way of modelling situations with a number of independent random events in a

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Free Soccer Tips – As Risky as the Game

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Soccer tips are flocking in the internet just like branded shirts fly off at an eye catching discount. But how many of them will really serve your purpose of betting correctly, is where the question lies. This takes us to the same point about how genuine these tips really are. Free tips generally attract the

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Are the free betting tips for football reliable?

These days there are sea-like sources in the internet for referring to free football betting tips. As there are more and more opportunities for people for sharing information through internet, there are a huge number of websites and blogs where writers provide them free football betting tips and also a large mass of people who

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Virtual football

Football betting tips are abundant. But the success lies in how well you get hold of all of them and apply them for your success. Bettors have flooded various websites and journals with rich tips which can pay high dividends if you follow it religiously. European football receives a huge amount of bets because of

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The World beyond Football

Football betting tips have become a rage among young football enthusiasts who have incorporated their football knowledge in earning quick bucks by placing bets. This is a revolution in the betting fraternity as sports is a game of chance too. So where to start? Online hubs have already started distributing free tips which are enough

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