Date of matchSport EventPredictionResultWIN/LOSE
26.01.2021NO TIPS
25.01.2021NO TIPS
24.01.2021Feyenoord - Jong AzOver 2.5 goals 1.61 odd2:3win money
23.01.2021Mainz - LeipzigOver 2.5 goals 1.66 odd3:2win money
22.01.2021NO TIPS
21.01.2021NO TIPS
20.01.2021NO TIPS
19.01.2021NO TIPS
18.01.2021NO TIPS
17.01.2021Inter - JuventusBTS - Yes 1.72 odd2:0LOSE
16.01.2021Emmen - VItesseOver 2.5 goals 1.65 odd1:4win money
15.01.2021NO TIPS
14.01.2021NO TIPS
13.01.2021NO TIPS
12.01.2021NO TIPS
11.01.2021NO TIPS
10.01.2021Paderborn - AueOver 2.5 goals 1.61 odd2:1win money
09.01.2021Galatasaray - GenchlerbirligiOver 2.5 goals 1.61 odd6:0win money
08.01.2021NO TIPS
07.01.2021NO TIPS
06.01.2021NO TIPS
05.01.2021NO TIPS
04.01.2021NO TIPS
03.01.2021Benevento - MilanAh -0.5 Milan 1.61 odd0:2win money
02.01.2021West Bromich - ArsenalAh -0.5 Arsenal 1.61 odd0:4win money
01.01.2021NO TIPS
Date of matchSport EventPredictionResultWIN/LOSE
31.12.2020NO TIPS
30.12.2020NO TIPS
29.12.2020NO TIPS
28.12.2020NO TIPS
27.12.2020Mechelen - MouscronOver 2.5 goals 1.72 odd2:1win money
26.12.2020Aston Villa - Crystal Palace Over 2.5 goals 1.72 odd3:0win money
25.12.2020NO TIPS
24.12.2020NO TIPS
23.12.2020NO TIPS
22.12.2020NO TIPS
21.12.2020NO TIPS
20.12.2020Eibar - Real MadridOver 2.5 goals 1.72 odd1:3win money
19.12.2020Atl.Madrid - ElcheOver 2.5 goals 1.72 odd3:1win money
18.12.2020NO TIPS
17.12.2020NO TIPS
16.12.2020NO TIPS
15.12.2020NO TIPS
14.12.2020NO TIPS
13.12.2020Southampton - Sheffield UtdHome win 1.66 odd3:0win money
12.12.2020B.Monchengladbach - HerthaOver 2.5 goals 1.61 odd1:1LOSE
11.12.2020NO TIPS
10.12.2020NO TIPS
09.12.2020NO TIPS
08.12.2020NO TIPS
07.12.2020NO TIPS
06.12.2020Sampdoria - MilanOver 2.5 goals 1.72 odd1:2win money
05.12.2020Vejle - MIdtjyllandAway win 1.61 odd0:2win money
04.12.2020NO TIPS
03.12.2020NO TIPS
02.12.2020NO TIPS
01.12.2020NO TIPS
30.11.2020NO TIPS
29.11.2020Hobro - HvidvoreOver 2.5 goals 1.60 odd3:4win money
28.11.2020Venlo - ZwolleOver 2.5 goals 1.72 odd2:2win money
27.11.2020NO TIPS
26.11.2020NO TIPS
25.11.2020NO TIPS
24.11.2020NO TIPS
23.11.2020NO TIPS
22.11.2020Angers - LyonAh -0.5 Lyon 1.61 odd0:1win money
21.11.2020Arminia Bielefield - LeverkusenOver 2.5 goals 1.65 odd1:2win money
20.11.2020NO TIPS
19.11.2020NO TIPS
18.11.2020NO TIPS
17.11.2020NO TIPS
16.11.2020NO TIPS
15.11.2020G.A.Eagles - Den BoschOver 2.5 goals 1.70 odd3:0win money
14.11.2020Portugal - FranceX2 Double Chance 1.61 odd0:1win money
13.11.2020NO TIPS
12.11.2020NO TIPS
11.11.2020NO TIPS
10.11.2020NO TIPS
09.11.2020NO TIPS
08.11.2020Genoa - RomaOver 2.5 goals 1.66 odd1:3win money
07.11.2020Zurich - LuzernOver 2.5 goals 1.61 odd2:0LOSE
06.11.2020NO TIPS
05.11.2020NO TIPS
04.11.2020NO TIPS
03.11.2020NO TIPS
02.11.2020NO TIPS
01.11.2020Tottenham - BrightonHome win 1.61 odd2:1win money
31.10.2020Burnley - ChelseaAh -0.5;-1 Chelsea 1.63 odd0:3win money
30.10.2020NO TIPS
29.10.2020NO TIPS
28.10.2020NO TIPS
27.10.2020NO TIPS
26.10.2020NO TIPS
25.10.2020Lyon - MonacoOver 2.5 goals 1.664:1win money
24.10.2020Brondby - MidtjyllandOver 2.5 goals 1.72 odd2:3win money
23.10.2020NO TIPS
22.10.2020NO TIPS
21.10.2020NO TIPS
20.10.2020NO TIPS
19.10.2020NO TIPS
18.10.2020Tottenham - West HamOver 2.5 goals 1.61 odd3:3win money
17.10.2020Newcastle - Man UtdAway win 1.72 odd1:4win money
16.10.2020NO TIPS
15.10.2020NO TIPS
14.10.2020NO TIPS
13.10.2020NO TIPS
12.10.2020NO TIPS
11.10.2020Norway - RomaniaHome win 1.66 odd4:0win money
10.10.2020NO TIPS
09.10.2020NO TIPS
08.10.2020NO TIPS
07.10.2020NO TIPS
06.10.2020NO TIPS
05.10.2020NO TIPS
04.10.2020Juventus - NapoliOver 2.5 goals 1.72 odd-VOID
03.10.2020Silkeborg - HobroOver 2.5 goals 1.60 odd4:2win money
02.10.2020NO TIPS
01.10.2020NO TIPS
30.09.2020NO TIPS
29.09.2020NO TIPS
28.09.2020NO TIPS
27.09.2020Vejle - CopenhagenOver 2.5 goals 1.70 odd2:2win money
26.09.2020West Bromich - ChelseaOver 2.5 goals 1.61 odd3:3win money
25.09.2020NO TIPS
24.09.2020NO TIPS
23.09.2020NO TIPS
22.09.2020NO TIPS
21.09.2020NO TIPS
20.09.2020Austria Vienna - RiedOver 2.5 goals 1.66 odd 2:1win money
19.09.2020Arsenal - West HamOver 2.5 goals 1.61 odd 2:1win money
18.09.2020 NO TIPS
17.09.2020 NO TIPS
16.09.2020 NO TIPS
15.09.2020 NO TIPS
14.09.2020 NO TIPS
13.09.2020Trabzonspor - BesiktasOver 2.5 goals 1.61 odd1:3win money
12.09.2020Galatasaray - GaziantepOver 2.5 goals 1.61 odd3:1win money
11.09.2020NO TIPS
10.09.2020NO TIPS
09.09.2020NO TIPS
08.09.2020NO TIPS
07.09.2020NO TIPS
06.09.2020Spain - UkraineOver 2.5 goals 1.72 odd4:0win money
05.09.2020Sweden - FranceUnder 2.5 goals 1.61 odd0:1win money
04.09.2020NO TIPS
03.09.2020NO TIPS
02.09.2020NO TIPS
01.09.2020NO TIPS
31.08.2020NO TIPS
30.08.2020Gnistan - VPSOver 2.5 goals 1.611:2win money
29.08.2020Varbergs - SiriusOver 2.5 goals 1.612:0LOSE
28.08.2020NO TIPS
27.08.2020NO TIPS
26.08.2020NO TIPS
25.08.2020NO TIPS
24.08.2020NO TIPS
23.08.2020Anderlecht - MouscronOver 2.5 goals 1.66 odd1:1LOSE
22.08.2020Sirius - HammarbyOver 2.5 goals 1.66 odd3:1win money
21.08.2020NO TIPS
20.08.2020NO TIPS
19.08.2020NO TIPS
18.08.2020NO TIPS
17.08.2020NO TIPS
16.08.2020Hammarby - ElfsborgOver 2.5 goals 1.66 odd2:2win money
15.08.2020Sarpsborg - MoldeOver 2.5 goals 1.61 odd2:1win money
14.08.2020NO TIPS
13.08.2020NO TIPS
12.08.2020NO TIPS
11.08.2020NO TIPS
10.08.2020NO TIPS
09.08.2020KPV - JaroOver 2.5 goals 1.60 odd0:4win money
08.08.2020Barcelona - NapoliOver 2.5 goals 1.66 odd3:1win money
07.08.2020NO TIPS
06.08.2020NO TIPS
05.08.2020NO TIPS
04.08.2020NO TIPS
03.08.2020NO TIPS
02.08.2020Genoa - VeronaHome win 1.66 odd3:0win money
01.08.2020Shamrock Rovers - Finn HarpsOver 2.5 goals 1.95 odd3:1win money
Date of matchSport EventPredictionResultWIN/LOSE
31.07.2020NO TIPS
30.07.2020NO TIPS
29.07.2020NO TIPS
28.07.2020NO TIPS
27.07.2020NO TIPS
26.07.2020Arsenal - WatfordOver 2.5 goals 1.61 odd3:2win money
25.07.2020Genoa - InterAway win 1.60 odd0:3win money
24.07.2020NO TIPS
23.07.2020NO TIPS
22.07.2020NO TIPS
21.07.2020NO TIPS
20.07.2020NO TIPS
19.07.2020Espanyol - CeltaAway win 1.66 odd0:0LOSE
18.07.2020Milan - Bologna Over 3.0 goals 1.80 odd5:1win money
17.07.2020NO TIPS
16.07.2020NO TIPS
15.07.2020NO TIPS
14.07.2020NO TIPS
13.07.2020NO TIPS
12.07.2020Aston Villa - Crystal PalaceAh 0.0 Aston Villa 1.66 odd2:0win money
11.07.2020Brescia - RomaAh -1 Roma 1.72 odd0:3win money
10.07.2020NO TIPS
09.07.2020NO TIPS
08.07.2020NO TIPS
07.07.2020NO TIPS
06.07.2020NO TIPS
05.07.2020Cagliari - AtalantaAh -1 Atalanta 1.72 odd0:1VOID
04.07.2020Valeranga - AalesundOver 2.5 goals 1.66 odd2:2win money
03.07.2020NO TIPS
02.07.2020NO TIPS
01.07.2020NO TIPS
30.06.2020NO TIPS
29.06.2020NO TIPS
28.06.2020Brno - ZizkovOver 2.5 goals 1.61 odd6:1win money
27.06.2020Austria Vienna - St.PoltenOver 2.5 goals 1.72 odd2:5win money
26.06.2020NO TIPS
25.06.2020NO TIPS
24.06.2020NO TIPS
23.06.2020NO TIPS
22.06.2020NO TIPS
21.06.2020Aston Villa - ChelseaOver 2.5 goals 1.61 odd1:2win money
20.06.2020Espanyol - LevanteX2 Double Chance 1.72 odd1:3win money
19.06.2020NO TIPS
18.06.2020NO TIPS
17.06.2020NO TIPS
16.06.2020NO TIPS
15.06.2020NO TIPS
14.06.2020Karlsruher - StuttgartOver 2.5 goals 1.72 odd2:1win money
13.06.2020Besiktas - AntalyasporOver 2.5 goals 1.65 odd1:2win money
12.06.2020NO TIPS
11.06.2020NO TIPS
10.06.2020NO TIPS
09.06.2020NO TIPS
08.06.2020NO TIPS
07.06.2020Stuttgart - OsnabruckOver 2.5 goals 1.61 odd0:0LOSE
06.06.2020Botev Plovdiv - Botev VratsaUnder 2.5 goals 1.80 odd0:1win money
05.06.2020NO TIPS
04.06.2020NO TIPS
03.06.2020NO TIPS
02.06.2020NO TIPS
01.06.2020NO TIPS
31.05.2020B.Monchengladbach - Union BerlinOver 2.5 goals 1.66 odd4:1win money
30.05.2020Wolfsburg - EintrachtOver 2.5 goals 1.66 odd1:2win money
29.05.2020NO TIPS
28.05.2020NO TIPS
27.05.2020NO TIPS
26.05.2020NO TIPS
25.05.2020NO TIPS
24.05.2020Koln - DusseldorfOver 2.5 goals 1.66 odd2:2win money
23.05.2020B.Munich - EintrachtOver 3.5 goals 1.61 odd5:2win money
22.05.2020NO TIPS
21.05.2020NO TIPS
20.05.2020NO TIPS
19.05.2020NO TIPS
18.05.2020NO TIPS
17.05.2020Greither Furth - HamburgerOver 2.5 goals 1.70 odd2:2win money
16.05.2020Dortmund - SchalkeOver 2.5 goals 1.66 odd4:0win money
15.05.2020NO TIPS
14.05.2020NO TIPS
13.05.2020NO TIPS
12.05.2020NO TIPS
11.05.2020NO TIPS
10.05.2020NO TIPS
09.05.2020NO TIPS
08.05.2020NO TIPS
07.05.2020NO TIPS
06.05.2020NO TIPS
05.05.2020NO TIPS
04.05.2020NO TIPS
03.05.2020NO TIPS
02.05.2020NO TIPS
01.05.2020NO TIPS
30.04.2020NO TIPS
29.04.2020NO TIPS
28.04.2020NO TIPS
27.04.2020NO TIPS
26.04.2020NO TIPS
25.04.2020NO TIPS
24.04.2020NO TIPS
23.04.2020NO TIPS
22.04.2020NO TIPS
21.04.2020NO TIPS
20.04.2020NO TIPS
19.04.2020NO TIPS
18.04.2020NO TIPS
17.04.2020NO TIPS
16.04.2020NO TIPS
15.04.2020NO TIPS
14.04.2020NO TIPS
13.04.2020NO TIPS
12.04.2020NO TIPS
11.04.2020NO TIPS
10.04.2020NO TIPS
09.04.2020NO TIPS
08.04.2020NO TIPS
07.04.2020NO TIPS
06.04.2020NO TIPS
05.04.2020NO TIPS
04.04.2020NO TIPS
03.04.2020NO TIPS
02.04.2020NO TIPS
01.04.2020NO TIPS


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