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Tennis tips regarding spreads are a winner. The idea of the spread is at the heart not only tennis pairs, but sports in general. Often, the clash between two players or teams is so unbalanced that nobody would be interested to bet on him. This is where the spread just makes things more interesting. The spread adjusts the total score to make the competition more balanced. The following scenario will clear concept.

Number of games won – Federer vs -6.5 -110 -110 6.5 Verdasco

As you can see, the moneyline is now even on that bet. In both cases, a $ 110 bet would yield a win $ 100 if the right player is selected. Payment is even because of the spread balanced competition between two players. After the game is over, we see the following result:

Total Games Won – Federer 18 12 vs Verdasco

In this fictional game, Federer won three series by a score line of 6-4, 6-4, 6-4. So which side of all games won bet would be a winner. Despite losing the match in three sets, a bet on Verdasco was the winner in this case. The spread of 6.5 games for Verdasco is added to its total of 12 games won give 18.5. It is a half-game lead over Federer in this case, and therefore a bet on Verdasco would be paid.

It is easy to see how the spread can make more interesting pairs. Almost no one would have bet on Verdasco to win more games than Federer without the presence of a gap. However, when adding 6.5 games to its total, the game becomes much more competitive. Understanding the influence of the spread is a vital component to make smart pairs live tennis. Surely, the above article regarding spreads provided some much needed tennis tips.

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