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Sweetheart Teasers

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Sports betting involves special teasers called sweetheart teasers. These are the ones referred to at sports betting sites as “Monster Teaser” and “Treasure Teaser”. The name isn’t standard, but it’s the same concept. If you are not familiar, a typical example is 10 points three NFL team teaser, usually offered at -110 to -130 prices.

To give another example, there are three teams that are Interested in betting this week: 1.5 Jets, Ravens and -11.5 -2.5 patriots. Instead of betting this just at -110 or -105, or put them in a standard combo, or standard teaser, you can place a special monster, or treasure teaser in what many call sites. When you do this, you get a single bet you have made: 11 Jets, Ravens -1.5, 7.5 Patriots; each spread has moved 10 points. Once again, you have to be between $ 11 and $ 13 per $ 10 you risk to win, depending on whether the betting site offers this at -110, -120, -130.

The first thing you need to know about treasure teaser is that, in general, to lose ties. This is not the case at all sites, but it is for many of them, so pay close attention to the rules. A Puzzle weather, one that often makes the most profit, is someone who has a lot of ideas, curiosities, theories and conjectures. Instead these bets and see if they win, they get a blank sheet of paper, a few tables, etc., and run tests. Bookmakers are smart, so more often than not, we’ll find out that our brilliant idea was not + EV be disappointed.

The good news is that, as we practice our skills and knowledge grows with time, we can more quickly on site + EV bets. As far as teaser to go, there are the bigger + EV Teasers on a weekly basis. This is an interesting avenue of sports betting.

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